Backflow Installation and Testing

Are you concerned about your home’s risk of backflow? Schedule a consultation with us today for expert advice! If you live in a single-family home, chances are you’ve never had to consider backflow as a problem. They’re usually more critical in multi-family and commercial buildings, where having a backflow installation is part of the law.

However, some single-family homes in PA may benefit from a backflow installation. If you have an irrigation system or other non-potable water source on your property, or if you notice any of the signs discussed below, then a backflow valve installation may be a good idea.

Backflow Installation

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction to its normal course. This can lead to severe health concerns since it can contaminate your home’s drinking water supply with non-potable water from your irrigation systems or other sources. The following are the leading causes of residential backflow:

  • Damage to your water mains can cause a drop in water pressure that sucks water back into your home.
  • Burst pipes, often due to freezing or corroded material, drop water pressure and cause backflow.
  • Excess flooding causes dramatic changes in water levels and pressure that can result in backflow.

Backflow also dramatically increases the pressure in your pipes, which can do a lot of damage to your piping system. The constant fluctuations of high and reduced water pressure will make it more likely that your pipes will leak and eventually burst.

Backflow Testing

Did you know that your backflow system requires yearly testing and certification? Whether it's a residential, or commercial backflow system, regular maintenance is critical to ensuring that your backflow system always functions properly, and passes all testing and certification requirements.

Regular maintenance of your backflow system includes inspecting all mechanical components to ensure they are in good condition, and testing the switches and safety mechanisms.

The team at Jeffco will ensure that your backflow system is efficiently filtering your water, and that you can count on having clean water for your home or business.

Backflow Testing

Situations That Require Backflow Devices

All commercial buildings in PA require a backflow system, but are there situations that you as a home owner may need a backflow system for your home?

Here are a few situations that may require a backflow system:

All Commercial Buildings

Irrigation Systems

Fire Systems

Indoor Sprinkler Systems

Outdoor Sprinkler Systems

It's important to know whether you need to have a backflow system installed when considering installing a fire system, or any sprinkler system for your home or yard.

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Jeffco Enterprises is a local PA plumber that provides backflow testing and installation for any home or commercial building. Whether you have a backflow system for your home or business, our team provides maintenance to keep them working at peak efficiency. In addition to our maintenance services, we can also provide the yearly testing and certification required for all backflow systems.

Our dedication to customer service has made us one of the most popular backflow installation providers in McDonald, PA. We’re always available to answer questions and concerns about any of our services.

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