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Emergency Services

"Here is an example of our teams dedication. Even at 1 AM in a storm, we'll make sure you get gas back so your family can stay warm"

Nearly 50% of US homes depend on natural gas for heating. This means a safer, more efficient, and affordable solution to their energy needs for many gas customers. And when the time comes to install new gas lines or repair an existing one, you should leave it up to the professionals.

At Jeffco Enterprises, we offer comprehensive gas line installation and repair services to meet the needs of our McDonald, PA customers. Our team has decades of experience serving the Pennsylvania community. We are a full-service plumbing company licensed and certified by the Department of Transportation. If you need gas repair or installation, reach out to our team today.

Gas Line Repair

Though gas is a popular energy source among homeowners, broken or damaged gas lines can be dangerous and wreak havoc on the home. The gas line can become damaged for many reasons, such as improper installation. You need a trusted plumbing company to inspect and repair the problem as quickly as possible when this happens.

Failing to have a faulty gas line repaired could cause health problems via natural gas poisoning and potentially create fires due to the gas’s high flammability. You can get ahead of this by identifying the signs ahead of time.

Some common signs of a gas line needing repair are:

  • Hissing sounds from your gas line
  • Foul odor like rotten eggs
  • Rising energy bills
  • Low gas pressure
  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy

Gas Line Repair
Gas Line Replacement

Gas Line Replacement

As time goes on, your gas line can become corroded, making it more susceptible to leaks. When this happens, you should have it completely replaced. New gas line installations are one type of plumbing service that you should never attempt to do yourself because the cost of making a mistake far outweighs the price of hiring a skilled professional.

At Jeffco Enterprises, our team performs hundreds of gas line installations each year. We’re committed to excellence and complete each job with a thorough inspection to ensure everything is working as it should. With us, you can be sure you’re always getting top-quality service.

Our Gas Line Services

At Jeffco Enterprises, installing and repairing gas lines is one of the many services we offer our customers. Our clients trust us because we’re one of the longest-standing and most highly rated plumbing companies in McDonald, PA. We enjoy creating solutions to any of your natural gas-related needs. Here are just a few services that we can help you with:

  • Installing a gas line for new gas appliances like a pool heater or gas range
  • Repairing damaged or corroded gas lines
  • Inspecting a gas line for leaks

If you’re looking for gas line installation or repair services in Allegheny or Washington county, our team at Jeffco Enterprises is here to help. Call us today at 412-221-4153!

Gas Line Services
exterior gas line services

Exterior Gas Line Service

The expert plumbers at Jeffco can repair and replace any exterior or outside gas line that you may have in your home. Whether you have a concern about an existing line, or want to hook up a new standing heater, fireplace, or grill, you can always count on our team to install your lines safely and quickly.

Accidents happen, and that's why the Jeffco team makes it a priorty to quickly respond to any calls regarding a damaged gas line. If you suspect that you have a true gas emergency, please contact emergency services.

If you believe you are experiencing a true gas emergency, please call emergency services immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to, the cost to install a new gas line, on average, is between $259-$823. At Jeffco Enterprises, we understand that each person’s circumstances are different. That is why we start by creating a transparent estimate, and we never recommend unnecessary services.

Plumbers install the majority of gas line installations. Plumbers are licensed and certified to work on gas lines, which is the law in most cases. Also, due to the nature of their work, plumbers know a lot about piping and appliances, which makes them a great asset when installing a new gas line for your stove.

No, you cannot power a gas stove without a gas line. Most gas stoves are fueled by natural gas rather than propane or butane. Having a gas line is not only necessary but also more convenient and safe. A professional plumbing company should handle this installation.

You should have your gas pipes and appliances checked annually. The fact is, you can never be too sure when it comes to keeping your home safe and the best way to do so is by weeding out potential problems before they occur. A certified plumber can help you by checking for any leaks, ventilation, appliance efficiency, and more. 

The lifespan of your gas piping depends on the type of pipe used during the gas line installation. The most popular materials used are copper, steel, and brass and can potentially last for decades. There are four types of gas line pipes:

  • Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST)
  • Copper Pipes
  • Galvanized Steel or Black Iron
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene