Plumber in Canonsburg, PA

Having fully operational plumbing is an important aspect of everyday life. When the plumbing stops working in your home or business, it can quickly turn into a disaster. While you wait for a Plumber to find availability to come to you, your issue can get even worse.

If you need a Plumber in Canonsburg, PA, then you should consider Jeffco Enterprises. We are the top Plumbers in the area. We can help you with any issue related to plumbing. Our service technicians are prompt and work efficiently so that you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

One of the most popular services that we offer is emergency plumbing repairs. If you notice a leak in your home, it is usually best to get it fixed right away, even if it is in the middle of the night. If you leave the leak alone, there is a chance it could get worse within hours. Having water inside your home can lead to mold growth and structural issues as well.

You can call us at any time of the day or night, and we will come to fix your plumbing issue right away. We have seen it all with over 25 years of experience, so we can help with any plumbing issue.

Other Plumbing Services That We Offer

When you need a Plumber in Canonsburg, PA, we know that you have many options from which to choose. At Jeffco Enterprises, we set ourselves apart from the competition by offering a wide variety of services. We do this so that we can be your first call anytime you experience a plumbing issue. Let us be your first choice Plumber in Canonsburg, PA. The services that we offer include:

General Plumbing

Call us for any minor plumbing issues at home, like leaks or clogged drains.

Commercial Plumbing

If you are experiencing a leak, clog, or another plumbing issue at your commercial building, you can count on us to fix it for you.

Water Heater Installation

Replacing a water heater can be an expensive purchase. Plus, it is heavy and requires proper installation. Let us make this process easier by installing your new water heater for you.

Backflow and RPZ Testing

This testing allows us to measure the pressure in your system. These details let us know whether we need to install a device to prevent the backflow of substances into your water supply.

Video Plumbing Inspection

Inspections are an essential part of staying on top of your plumbing system. We will use video inspection equipment to check inside your pipes and assess any issues in your plumbing.

Sump Pump Service

Moisture and leaks in your basement can cause serious foundation issues in your home. Sump pumps can remove the moisture from the basement.

Sewer Backup Cleaning

If your sewer backs up, you can count on us to clean it up. We will get your sewer system back to as good as new.

Gas Line Installation

If you are installing gas appliances and need to install a new gas line, reach out to us for professional assistance.

Call Us Today

If you need a Plumber in Canonsburg, PA, consider Jeffco Enterprises. We are the best plumbing company in the area. We offer a wide variety of services, including emergency plumbing, so that you can feel comfortable calling us for any problem. Call us today at (412) 221-4153 to learn more or to schedule a service.