Everything You Need to Know About Well System Repair

Keep your well system in tip-top shape with your well system repair service. Call today to find out more. A well system is an excellent alternative to relying on Pennsylvania’s water supply. It will provide you with clean, safe drinking water as long as you have a dependable well system and water pump.

It is vital that both your well system and water pump are properly maintained, and running at peak efficiency.

Unfortunately, even the best-maintained well system will eventually require repair, resulting in a lack of access to drinking water for a while. Jeffco Enterprises understands the importance of having a working well system, so we take well system repair very seriously.

Well Pump Replacement

Signs You Need a Well Pump Replacement

In most cases, you’ll get several warning signs before your well system fails completely. It’s important to take note of these signs – getting a well pump replacement sooner can solve the problem with no damage to the rest of your well system. Regular water pump service can prevent many of these issues by nipping them in the bud during your annual service.

Murky Water

Murky water may not mean that you need to replace the well pump, but it can point to other issues in your well system. The murkiness of the water is often due to sand and silt, which is more prevalent in shallower water.

You may find that your water pump is pulling from shallow water instead of deeper in the water table. It may also suggest that your pump isn’t filtering correctly or has blocked filters.

It’s vital to address this issue quickly. Silt and sand put extra pressure on the entire system, and a blocked filter will cause problems such as low water pressure and more wear and tear on the pump. Also, nobody likes drinking or washing in dirty water, so be sure to schedule a well system repair as soon as possible.

High Energy Bill

An unusually high energy bill is a good indicator that something’s breaking. It may be your AC, but it may also be your well pump. Older pumps tend to become less efficient over time and will consume more energy. You may find that your energy bill savings will quickly recoup your well pump replacement cost if you’re dealing with an old pump.

A high energy bill can also be a sign of a pump working in overdrive or malfunctioning. Both these issues need urgent attention to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

Sputtering Faucets

Sputtering faucets can indicate a leak in your well system or a water pressure system issue. Leaks will allow air into the system through the water pump itself or the water pipe. This air will interfere with the normal flow of water and cause your pump to work harder than it needs to.

Either way, you’ll need a skilled well system repair technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

No Water

The most obvious sign that something has gone wrong is not getting any water at all. It’s a good idea to check the circuit breaker first to ensure that your pump has power. If your well system has a power supply, no water means that something has gone very wrong – either with the pump or some other part of the system.

The other common cause of a well system failing is lack of water. If you’ve been drawing a lot of water, especially during the hot, dry months, then you may have temporarily depleted your well. You can fix this by placing the pump lower, which will also prevent any future murky water issues.

No Water
Well System Maintenance

Well System Maintenance

The best way to keep the water flowing is to focus on maintenance instead of well system repair. A regular pump service will pick up any potential problems and address them before they get serious.

Water pumps are constantly working, which puts a lot of wear and tear on their moving parts. A major part of a pump service is replacing worn parts, ensuring that the entire system works smoothly and efficiently.

Our well maintenance isn’t just about the water pump; we also inspect the pressure tank and pressure system, filters, and other well components to ensure they’re all working correctly.

Having a well system that works like a well-oiled machine is incredibly satisfying and will keep your energy bills (and stress levels) low.

Work with a Well System Repair Specialist

Don’t simply rely on the first “well pump companies near me” search result when you have a well system or well pump issue. Jeffco Enterprises has decades of experience in working with various well systems. Not only are we knowledgeable enough to address any well system repair issue, but our technicians are polite and will go above and beyond to fix your pump.

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