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There’s nothing more inconvenient than your plumbing breaking down at the worst possible time. Plumbing problems can slow your whole household down and make everyday tasks more challenging. When something breaks, you need a plumbing company to act quickly to correct the situation.

Jeffco Enterprises has a team of Plumbers who make you their number one priority. We work outside of regular business hours to accommodate your busy schedule and get your plumbing back on track.

Hire Plumbing Technicians

Emergency Plumbing Company

Our emergency line runs 24/7, so you can call us whenever you have a plumbing emergency. Ruptured pipes, blown gas heaters, breaks in gas lines, and sump pump breakdowns are examples of issues that need urgent attention.

Any problem that is a safety risk or necessary to prevent water damage is also an emergency. If you’re not sure if the issue is urgent or not, call us and speak to one of our Plumbers on call.

General Plumbing Service

Some matters can wait a day or so. A slowly leaking faucet, for example, doesn’t require immediate attention. These issues fall under the category of general plumbing. You might, for example, ask us to:

  • Install a new water heater
  • Inspect your plumbing and sewer lines
  • Undertake backflow and RPZ testing
  • Clear clogs
  • Service your sump pump

If you don’t see your problem listed here, give Jeffco Enterprises a call. We’ll advise you on what steps to take and send someone out as soon as possible.

General Plumbing Services
Personal Attention

Commercial Plumbers in Collier Township, PA

Commercial plumbing must adhere to different regulations than a residential setting. You must consider occupational health and safety and also the safety of visitors using the facilities. In addition, businesses may lose revenue due to serious plumbing difficulties.

What do you do to minimize the impact on your clients and employees?

You call Jeffco Enterprises, and we’ll send one of our top commercial Plumbers. We’ll ensure that the systems are working correctly and that any repairs or installations are up to code.

You don’t have to wait until something goes drastically wrong, however. Our affordable maintenance services ensure a quick diagnosis of any potential issues. Save yourself time, money, and inconvenience by selecting one of our maintenance services:

Video plumbing inspection

Sump pump service

Backflow and RPZ testing

Our team uses state-of-the-art video equipment to examine the inside of your pipes. This lets us identify cracks, damage, and sediment builds-up. As a result, we can clear partially blocked pipes before they clog your entire system.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Collier Township, PA

Want a new look for your home? Speak to our team about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. We partner with top manufacturers to ensure you get the quality choices you deserve. In addition, our team will guide you in finding the perfect look to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling

Why Choose Jeffco Enterprises?

We run a team of highly efficient, accredited, and licensed Plumbers. We’re also fully insured and hold an Allegheny County Master Plumber License. This differentiates us from the odd-job person who sometimes tinkers with plumbing. Our team is highly trained and ready to take on any challenge. We’re confident that we can solve your residential or commercial plumbing issue quickly and professionally.

Jeffco Plumbing Van

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Jeffco Enterprises has the team and equipment to resolve any plumbing problem quickly. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky faucet, need emergency services, or want to remodel, call us today at 412-221-4153.