Water Line Repair and Installation

A damaged water line can be a significant issue for your home. Your home could sustain severe water damage, whether the pipe is leaking slowly from a tiny hole or pouring from a massive tear. The good news is that immediate water line repair from a skilled plumbing company can address the issue and minimize damage to your property.

At Jeffco Enterprises in McDonald, PA, we provide world-class water line replacement and repair services to clients in Allegheny and Washington Counties. A licensed master Plumber leads our team of plumbing professionals who understand the dangers that come from a broken water pipe. Call us today to request service.

What Causes a Water Line to Leak?

Your home’s water line can break due to several reasons, including the following:

Poor Water Line Installation

It takes a lot of specialized plumbing expertise to install a water line correctly. If a previous contractor did not do the job right, the pipes could fail prematurely.

Shifted Soil

Water lines are underground and surrounded by soil. Shifting tree roots, extreme temperature changes to the ground, and moving tectonic plates can move the dirt beneath the surface, causing the pipe to shift as well.

Freeze/Thaw Cycle

In McDonald, PA, temperatures can fall well below freezing. Unless your water line is lower than four feet below the ground’s surface, it can freeze and thaw, causing the pipe to develop leaks.

Wear and Tear

No water line will last forever. Even with exceptional maintenance, material degradation will naturally occur.

Home Improvement

Sometimes, human error damages water lines. If excavation was necessary to install a landscape or hardscape feature, the equipment could hit the buried pipe.

Despite these causes, it’s not always possible to realize when damage is occurring to water lines.

For instance, you’ll never know that subterranean soil is shifting by a fraction of an inch, which could be enough to cause a problem after a few years of steady movement.

Water Line Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

You may not know when water line damage occurs, but there are warning signs that you need water line repair services from Jeffco Enterprises. Some key things to look for include:

  • Reduced water pressure
  • Increased water bill
  • Discolored water
  • Pooling in the yard without an apparent source
  • Water stains on your walls or ceiling
  • Mold or mildew growth inside your home
  • Unexplained running water sounds


If you spot these issues, don’t hesitate to contact our expert plumbing team. Though some of these warning signs may point to problems beyond water line damage, we have the skills and experience to identify the source of the issue. If the problem comes from a damaged water line, you can be confident our team can handle the repairs.

Even though your water line connects to the municipal water line, you are responsible for repairing any pipe damage within your property. On average, homeowners spend nearly $900. Expenses can range between $331 and $1,438 or $70 to $120 per hour on average, not including materials.

When you contact Jeffco Enterprises for water line repair, we will thoroughly examine your system to determine the source of the problem and find a practical solution. Our goal is always to make clients our number one priority, so we offer competitive prices. We will discuss actual costs and services during our evaluation of your plumbing system.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to repair a water line. You might need a water line replacement to ensure that your plumbing is in optimal condition. Below are some points we consider when determining to repair or replace water lines:

  1. If the property is over 50 years old and there is no record of a recent water line installation, the existing pipe may be near the end of its lifespan. We can repair damage to old pipes, but a replacement will provide long-term benefits.
  2. Water lines that frequently need repairs or exhibit consistent problems usually indicate a need for replacement.
  3. The pipe consists of materials that are susceptible to damage, such as copper pipes. Old copper lines thin out over time and develop pinhole leaks, so replacement is the best option.
  4. If water line repair costs are more than replacement expenses, the replacement will be more cost-effective.


No two properties have the same issues or circumstances. At Jeffco Enterprises, we use various tools and inspection techniques like video cameras to determine the extent of water line damage. We only recommend water line replacement if it’s the best solution for you.

If you suspect you need water line repair or replacement, get in touch with Jeffco Enterprises in McDonald, PA. As a licensed plumbing company with over 25 years of hands-on experience, no job is too much for us to handle. Call 412-221-4153 today to learn more about our water line services.